IMG_9953Solar energy systems

  • ABB: PV string inverters, PV central inverters, Inverters stations, Low voltage products for PV, Compact Secondary Substations, Transformers, Substations, SCADA for PV-systems.
  • Ahjo Energia: Solar air heaters, solar electricity systems, turn key solutions.
  • Alternative Solutions Finland Oy: Solar thermal systems and components, retail.
  • Areva Solar Oy: Turn-key solutions for solar energy. Financing options for large plants.
  • Aura Energia: Holistic energy service provider in Turku area of Finland.
  • Aurinkoinsinöörit Oy: ST and PV-systems design, import of SMA products, turn key projects.
  • Aurubis Finland Oy: Solar thermal integration with copper surfaces.
  • Caverion Suomi Oy: Turn Key solution provider with option for leasing funding.
  • e-buildings Finland Oy: Services and products for improving energy efficiency.
  • Ecoeco Oy: Advanced solar power engineering. Independent expertise of photovoltaic
    systems. On-site measurement for shading analysis and yield prediction.
  • Ekenäs Energi Ab – Tammisaaren Energia Oy: Energy company with turn-key solar system deliveries. Operates in Länsi-Uusimaa region.
  • Etelä-Savon Energia Oy: Energy company with turn-key solar system deliveries. Operates in Etelä-Savo region.
  • Eurosolar Oy: Solar panels and wind generators.
  • Finnwind Oy: Offgrid, hybrid and grid solutions, installation systems, mini-factory concept for local manufacturing.
  • Fortum: Electricity company. Turn key solar energy systems. Full service chain from site assessment to system delivery and warranties.
  • Green Energy Finland Oy: Turn key solution provider for renewable energy systems.
  • Greenes Oy: Design and consulting on solar energy systems and hybrid solutions.
  • Helen Oy: Electricity company. Construction and operating solar PV-plants. Solar energy related district heating and cooling solutions.
  • Jodat Ympäristöenergia Oy: Supplier of PV-systems and related services.
  • Kaukomarkkinat Oy: Turn key solutions in renewable energy systems. PV components and systems.
  • Lakeuden Ekolämpö Oy: Importing solar thermal systems, retail and installation services in Western Finland, Vaasa region.
  • Kodin Vihreä Energia Oy: Small-scale renewable energy solutions (solar, wind, biomass).
  • Monitrado Oy: Solar thermal systems distribution, import and materials.
  • Mäntsälän Sähkö Oy: Energy company that provides turn key solar energy deliveries. Located in Mäntsälä.
  • Naps Solar Systems Oy: Manufacturer of solar modules.Variety of PV solutions in different scales. Customization and full-service options.
  • NeroWatt Oy: PV-system consulting and turn-key deliveries.
  • Nocart Oy: Hybrid renewable energy systems.
  • Oilon Home Oy: Turn key heating systems including solar thermal.
  • Oulun Energia: Electricity company. Investing in local and renewable energy, supplying turn key solar energy systems and purchasing produced energy.
  • Pistoke RES Oy: Design, retail and installation of solar PV and heat systems.
  • Playgreen: Turn-key service provider in small and medium scale on-grid systems.
  • PolarSol Oy: Manufacturing of thin stainless steel solar collectors and heat exchangers.
  • Ruukki Construction Oy: Solar energy systems integrated into roofing solutions and building materials.
  • SaloSolar Oy: Producer of solar PV panels. Specialized in window-glass panels, that are produced in Finland.
  • Savo-Solar Oy: Design, manufacturing and supplying high efficiency solar thermal collectors and absorbers
  • Solar Fire Concentration Oy: Thermal and optical engineering for cost efficient solar heat systems.
  • Solartukku Oy: Supplier of PV and solar thermal solutions to retailers and partner organizations.
  • Solarvoima Oy: Solar PV turn-key supplier, specialized in consumer and small business scale.
  • Solixi: Concentrated solar power from rooftops, big layer specific outdoors boilers.
  • Solnet Green Energy Oy: Solar energy as a service. PPA service provider.
  • Sun Energia Oy: Solar power calculations based on geographical information.
  • Sundial Finland: Provider of a variety of solar thermal products and services: solar heating systems and components, engineering, consulting and training services.
  • Suntori: Renewable energy solutions and standalone clean tech products and services.
  • Suntrica Ltd:  Design and manufacturing of portable solar charging solutions.
  • Suomen Talotekniikka Energia Mikkeli Oy: Building and renovation company. Turn key solar system deliveries.
  • Synaptic Oy: PV components and systems for companies, domestic consumers and retailers. System plannings in cooperation with manufacturers.
  • Telog Oy: Project management for telecom and energy. Turnkey solutions for energy production and energy saving.
  • T:mi Ville Terävä: Aolar PV entrepeneur in Kotka area.
  • Valoe Oyj: Turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules based on conductive back sheets, photovoltaic modules, solar power plants.

Designers, consultants

  • D-mat oy: Consultancy and training services in eco-efficiency and sustainable consumption and production.
  • FCG: Consulting services related to renewable energy.
  • Gaia: Innovative expert services for sustainable energy: business intelligence, concept design, feasibility studies, resource use optimizations, and impact assessments.
  • Granlund Oy: Consultancy services, simulations of energy production and life cycle cost calculations.
  • Optiplan Oy: Solar energy solutions design. Construction and architecture engineering services.
  • Pöyry: Design, engineering and consultation to variety of project phases. Studies. Thermal, district heating, CSP and PV.
  • Solar Fire Concentration Oy: Consultancy in optical and thermal engineering for industrial clients
  • Soleco Oy: Solar energy consultation and project management with international experience.
  • Soleras Oy: Designing PV systems, full range of services.
  • Utuapu Oy: PV and solar thermal consultancy services.
  • ÅF: Feasibility studies, planning, implementation, project management, education, sustainability.

Related services and products

  • BaseN Corporation: Cloud services for managing energy production data.
  • CO2.FI Oy: Energy certificates and auditions, design of energy efficiency measures.
  • Grexel Oy: Energy certification, regulatory and market engineering, central registry systems.
  • SEAM Group: Software for managing energy demand response.
  • Solar-Arena: Productions and profitability calculations -website.

Funding services

  • Cleantech Invest: Investment portfolio for cleantech and green companies.
  • Finnfund: Finnish development financing agency. Provides long-term risk capital for profitable projects
  • Greenstream Network Oy: Carbon asset management, energy efficiency projects in China.
  • Joukon Voima Oy: Crowdfunding renewable energy projects.

Research groups:

  • Aalto University, FinSolar -project: Collaboration with more than 50 parters in the supply and demand side of solar energy markets.
  • Aalto University, New Energy Technologies group: Materials, dye-solar cells, system integration, solar energy systems
  • Aalto University, Lighting unit: Integration to built environment, lighting systems
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences


Customer segments:




Business Industrial Municipalities Farms Consumers and housing cooperatives
AHJO Energia x x x x x
Alternative Solutions Finland Oy x x  x x x
Areva Solar Oy x x x x x
Aura Energia Oy x x x x x
Aurinkoinsinöörit oy x x x x x
CO2. Fi Oy x x x x
D-mat oy x x x x
e-buildings Finland Oy x x x x
Ekenäs Energi Ab – Tammisaaren Energia Oy x x x x x
ENE Solar Systems Oy x x x x x
Energy Natura Oy x x
Etelä-Savon Energia Oy x x x x x
Eurosolar Oy x x x x x
FCG Suunnittelu ja tekniikka Oy x x x
Finnwind Oy x x x x x
Gaia x x x
Granlund Consulting x x x x
GreenEnergy Finland Oy x x x x x
Helen Oy x x x x x
Ins.tsto Tahkokorpi Oy x x x
Jodat Ympäristöenergia Oy x x x x x
Joukon Voima x x x  x
Mäntsälän Sähkö Oy x x x x x
Motiva oy x x x x x
Naps Solar Systems Oy x x x x x
NeroWatt Oy x x x x x
Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) x
Nordic Shine Oy x x x
Oulun Energia/Oulun Sähkönmyynti x x x x
Parkkisähkö Oy x x x
Playgreen Finland Oy x x x x x
Polarsol Oy x x x
Ruukki Construction Oy x x  x x
Savo-Solar Oy x x x x x x x x
Solartukku Oy x x x x x
Solarvoima Oy x x x x x
Soleco Oy x x x x x
Soleras x x x x x
Solnet Green Energy Oy x x x x x
Soltech Oy x x x x x
Sun Energia Oy x x x x x
Sundial x x x x x
Suomen Talotekniikka Energia Mikkeli Oy x x x x x
T:mi Ville Terävä x x x
Utuapu Oy x x x x x
Valoe Oyj x x x x x

List compiled by: Lotta Liuksiala

Last updated: 24.2.2016